• Sada Coffee Farm

    Sada Coffee Farm

    Sada Coffee has 1 (one) hectare of the main land and 5 hectares of collaborative land – with some local and foreign investors.

  • Red Coffee Cherry

    Red Coffee Cherry

    All coffee goes through bean sorting by choosing perfectly ripe coffee beans

  • After Fermentation

    After Fermentation

    The important stages of coffee fermentation, after that the coffee is washed clean

  • Gabah Project

    Gabah Project

    The process of lowering the water content towards hulling coffee

  • Roasting Progress

    Roasting Progress

    At Sada Coffee, all roasting processes are carried out by certified roasters

  • Cupping Session

    Cupping Session

    The roasted coffee is then taste tested by a Q grader from Sada Coffee

  • Coffeeshop


    Coffee that has passed the taste test is then distributed to customers

  • Sada Coffee Product

    Sada Coffee Product

    Coffee drinks that have been formulated are ready to be packaged and marketed to customers