Coffee product

Coffee product characteristics

  • Land Location : Gayo highlands, Tawarmiko village, sub district Kutepanang, District Central Aceh and Bener Meriah
  • Altitude : 1400 meters above sea level
  • Temperature : 15-20 degrees Celsius

Classification for product

  • Total land area : 6 hectares
  • Variety : Ateng Super
  • Processing : Semi-washed, Full Washed, Dry Process

Branding Products

For overseas markets, we provide Greenbean specialty and commercial coffee. Some of the products available are:

  1. Specialty Coffee Arabica Gayo
  2. Gayo Arabica grade 1

For Domestic / National Market, we provide Gren Bean, Roasted coffee bean and Grounded for small and medium need (coffee shop).

Cupping Score 84 to 86.25

The fact about Gayo coffee is that it is coffee with a special quality. The cupping scores achieved via conventional processing is 84.00 in the SCAA scale, but if it is managed professionally, it will score up to 87.00. Several variants are well-known because of the character of the content flavour of the coffee which is diverse and delicious.

Production Chain


The 6 hectare-land which is located in three different villages is managed by appointing three persons in charge. The responsibility of these persons in charge is to manage the mechanisms, such as clearing land, fertilization, and scheduling for harvesting.

Nutrition Aceh has 20 daily labours. The qualifications of the labours are 5 persons of bachelor degree graduates and 20 persons of senior high school/ vocational high school graduates.

Fresh coffee fruit of sorting result is directly processed in order to obtain optimal results, both in terms of quality (especially the flavor) and in terms of ease for the the subsequent process. The semi-wet processing is preceded by peeling the fruit skin with peeling machine (pulper) in cylinder type.

The next stage is fermentation and washing the coffee beans. The drying process aims to reduce the moisture content of the beans from 60-65% (the original state) to 12%.