Direct Trade Adoption

Quality is our Priority

Direct trade is often described as a simplification of the concept of fair trade. The idea is very simple where the direct trade in downstream businesses interacts directly with the manufacturer in the upstream. Cafe owner or micro-rostery buys directly from the farmers. Their interaction is done directly without any more middlemen, wholesalers, large export-import companies or certification institutions. Buyers can immediately see and follow the post-harvesting process, which consists of picking the red coffee fruit, pulping, fermentation, soaking, drying the beans and storing process.

For the sake of its partners, Nutrition Aceh performs special processing based on the Standard Operation Procedure (SOP) which is appropriate for all  types of coffee beans. So that the outcome of the coffee products is guaranteed for having been through the strict processing and quality control. The quality test of taste (cupping test) of Ateng Super coffee from all Nutrition Aceh farming land is done periodically by Gayo Cupper Team institutions located in city of Takengon.

The cooperation in direct trade form has been established between CV. Nutrition Aceh with CV. Sada Coffee Shop.

Sada Coffee Shop always performs quality control in which Gayo Cupper Team is involved as independent taste testing institute. Furthermore Gayo Cupper Team will issue a cupping score certificate which is acknowledged by SCAA (Specialty Coffee Asosiation of America).